Whats your realmz highscore

What is your Realmz.io highscore?


Whats yours?
Share below!


243 with 34 kills


268 with 47 kills


if im being honest rn most of em were my alts lol

level 390


and like 719 or smth (idk) on erth.io (the game realmz is based off, and which most of the og players come from)


found the screenshot.

maybe i will do 731 again in realmz, it will be way easier with mech terror

No u wont lmao, 731 is almost impossible

the xp system in realmz is similar to erth.io (i think)
so it wont be too hard, i just need sm ppl.

i have mech farming and erthium eye farming to back it up too

its not a similar system at all, and mech farming and erthium eye farming isnt good enough

i havent done level records since the beta version so ill just go for 555 but it’ll still hard be since xp duping is patched

you haven’t even played erth.io

no u wont lvl 500 was the highest back when there was xp glitch, what makes you think that you can get level 555 when levels got even harder to get :skull:

no back when there was xp duping it was 1079

theres no highest possible level.
also erth.io was harder than realmz for xp farming (no BS features like crimson and bosses), u respawn at level 31 (no immediate sniper regain), realmz.io is ezier.

You also forgot about the fact that level 80 and level 100 like gave the same amount of exp which meant that killing people that had more upgrades (lvl 100) wouldn’t be as rewarding as killing a level 80.


Did you accomplish the task?

This is a good score right? I went all-out on this run so I’d have something to be proud of