When Will The Minos Skin Be Added?

Im Pretty Sure Many Of You Dont Know The Minos - Concept Skin, But it’s just a cool skin, so when will it be added?

Nobody Knows But Gautam

I’m pretty Sure it will be a part of those insane expensive skins
(Example By VictorBattler)
Came across it while just scrolling through posts

Copyright? I swear I saw Angel say smthn about that and why isn’t added yet anyway if it isn’t?

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I think it was just forgotton about…

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It should be added, people accused it for copyright bc it was too good

it isnt that mf is just GOATED with vectr (also when i saw this topic i thought it was a minos prime skin from hit game ultrakill)

Oh in that case how was it forgotten? :augh: it would be a sick skin to add rn

fr i found the post and hoped it was added just to hit a brick wall

No it’s copyright
Angel found it out if you scroll all the way down

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I thought so lol

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It was copyrighted lmao

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