When your 'friends' with the person who killed you so many time the other day

lol srsly this happened. 1 day, tigerLizzy was teaming with LOP and then the next, teaming with me lol

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oh lol i dont remember Lop i guess we can all team than?
looool im in there

TigerLizzy was the first person I ever teamed with as ‘rend’

TigerLizzy was the first person to kill me when i started the game lmao

Lol :joy: You’ll learn to team with every person you’ll see…


lol thats my current strat lol


R u sure abt tht?

Why would you do that where’s the fun with teaming with everyone

Yk, there’s some points where I trick my ‘teammates’. That’s fun. But usually, teaming is op because you can grind together. But, I do like just gleaning solo too


i like the stray

Happens all the time but I’m the killer :smiling_imp:


it is fun to teamwork with others

And it’s fun to kill people and watch them quit I’m front of you when they see you lol

i like to team tho, it is fun to kill others lol

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Yeah lol. Teaming is one of the best parts

honestly, its fun to team with someone, then gain there trust, then kill them lol