Where did you find swordbattle.io for the first time?

We’re conducting community research!

Where did you come across swordbattle.io for the first time?

  • KaJAM
  • Replit
  • GitHub
  • Discord
  • Google / Search engine
  • YouTube
  • Friends / word of mouth
  • Other (comment below)
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Well I knew gautam since 2020, around January I went back onto discord (i took a 1 year break btw) and I found gautam. He told me all of his news and stuff. Thats how I found swordbattle.io ig


I was looking through the entries of the game jam to see what good stuff there was and found it. Surprised it didn’t win tbh.


I found out about it by making it


I didn’t think to make an option for that. You’re probably in the minority there!

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He’s powerful at a next level…

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honestly a combo of all except discord

how i found this game umm i just ran into it end of story

literally just was on a site with io games and found the original site

Thanks everyone! This is helpful information.

ok I was browsing through repl.it and I found this game
this was when the game jam was taking place

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Same as me!

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so u were on a run and then saw a sign that said “SWORDBATTLE.IO

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