Where does you guys live? Or what time zone? Very important

NO AND ABSOLUTELY NO am I TRYNA be rude no I’m just asking since I’ve noticed that me and my friends are in way different time zones and right now while I’m typing this its 4:21 AM
But then on general chat I’m seeing people like @Shadowblade and @Wasd at 8-9 am while I’m still here at 4 am and while I was playing sb my friend said gotta go eat dinner where for me it was still 2 pm then I noticed that the Chinese SB players mostly join late night or morning which is weird since at those times it’s like 12-1-2-3-4-5-6 AM and while I try to sleepily get late night grinding they are there with more energy than me by a mile and so while I might still be at school to like 2-4 pm It’s like its 6-8 pm or midnight through early morning for someone else or 10 am-12 pm and it seems a little bit of a problem because I know I’m not the only one that has had their friends leave to something unusual for you EX leaving for sleep when it’s still like 6 pm or going to Eat or saying its lunch when it’s early morning etc. and etc. And I also know that I’m not the only one that has been frustrated by you and your friends planning out a time then them or you not being able to come because of something unusual for one another. And to be honest by the time anyone responds to this I will prob be at school so don’t be surprised if I don’t answer between two and four pm but for you it might be 6-8-10 pm or something and sometimes the only reason I’m able to play sb with friends is because I’m an extremely late-night owl sometimes and that usually happens on weekends, and we sometimes don’t have that kind of time since you have smth you wanna do but can’t since friend can’t be on and something I have had one experience that was specifically traumatizing So me and my friend agreed to get on at the exact same time and to look for Un blockers right incase SB or any other of the games we play get blocked right and since it was the last chance before schools started on their blocking hell plan or just blocking many sites but my friend COULDN’T since for them it was like 4 pm and they had soccer practice at that time. Yes, they touch grass unlike many of us I bet a billion on
anyway, it was bad since we couldn’t search then so school started blocking everything and I went through h and back on yt and websites to find an unblocker and somehow ALL FAILED except the one I’m using to type this right now Utopia (trainbrain.sbs) or that they were unblocked and wouldn’t load, and I think this could be a big problem in the future for when school decides on the time for project fiesta when we have the inf project period and were somehow supposed to do all XD or other things like groups or practice or something else. I just thought I had to bring this possible problem or stopper up because it looks like it’s getting a little out of hand, I mean seriously is it a good thing that were having to stop or this or that because of time zones and where we live, I thought it’s a good idea so we can have easier times planning events or anything since I know that this has stopped a lot of things from happening so if we know where we all live we can work around this problem. Post your thoughts and comments and if it doesn’t bother you your time zone or where you live so we can have an easier time playing with your friends unless you like being lonely of course. Btw I live In America on the southeastern side (WOOH ITS HOT UN SUMMER HERE) if you post where your time zone or where you live thankyou you’ve help you and your friends if not that’s fine as well also say Boom if you actually read all of this.

This was a wall of text. I couldn’t really follow, or read all of it, but I understand your position! SHAKA-BOOM!

I think the EU servers are off right now, so that will attribute some of it… but really as the game grows, the admin may spin up more servers (Think Regions) which will help for both lag, and also player time-zones to help stagger the connection times. That would even out the grinding for top PvP, and for farmers who need a less busy server to practice or level up.

Im in Florida!!!

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  1. The korean and japanese players actually play a bit later compared to us, as 4:21am is 7:21pm for them, but then again I’ve seen them online at times, which when converted to our times, would be a more normal time that lots of people usually play

  2. The only thing I could find for why some people are several hours ahead is that GMT (the time zone used in the UK) is 6 hours ahead of CST (which I presume is the time zone you live in)

  3. Whatever time zone your friend is in is basically impossible to find because people eat dinner and different times as well, so not much else to say for that, same thing for the sleeping at 6pm thing because people sleep at different times

  4. If you want to plan something at a specific time with someone in a different time zone, you should already ask them what time zone they’re in or just said “in an hour” “in 30 minutes” etc.

  5. Extra poll I wanted to add

What time zone are you in?
  • Pacific Standard Time (PST) or UTC-8
  • Mountain Standard Time (MST) or UTC-7
  • Central Standard Time (CST) or UTC-6
  • Eastern Standard Time (EST) or UTC-5
  • Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) or UTC
  • Central European Time (CET) or UTC+1
  • Korea/Japan Standard Time (KST/JST) or UTC+9
  • Other
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Agreed with coolguy! Also, thank you for adding the poll.

Generally, in most games there is an established SERVER TIME.
Then everyone can plan to meet based on SERVER TIME
Makes it easier to agree rather than calculating time-zones.

Would be good to see a PINNED POST with the established SERVER TIME and also when the SERVER RESETS for maintenance.

Did not know we had a player base there, I’ve seen Japanese people in arras.io and I talk with them but they usually ignore me :frowning_face:

Crazy couldnt be me
エル・ボゾ / ライト / ゲットベタ

Next @incognitoes fr bro with the essay long topics

L bozo

Light or right but i think it’s light

I assume it’s get better

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The next incog?

My friends I might not be on sb since all our laptops are being checked this might be my last chance to get smth around if im blocked your all true friends :)

Maybe you can login from your mobile phone instead?! Good luck, hope to see you soon.

then play at home if you really wanted to :skull:

Cuz @incognitoes post are always long as hell

I think he will surpass him with bad posts at this rate, at least incog makes good posts


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My friends I might not be on sb since all our laptops are being checked this might be my last chance to get smth around if im blocked your all true friends :)

PENGUIN SHUT UP im trash at mobile

I’m England :DDDDD


British boy

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