Where to fight! (kinda)

Some of you dont like each other and some of you do. If you dont like each other solve your problems in this topic!


I HATE YOU @Slapadabass!!! :shoot:
jk I am sorry for even joking about questioning our friendship please do not hate me for saying this

Sorry it got flagged, I am sorry @FwhipyFishy shake hands? :handshake:


lol thanks
I don’t have the capacity to hate anyone
Only a very small amount of people I just feel a little upset at from now and again

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is this person @9pfs ?

What do you mean? :eyes:

attack charge

bruh I got noticed this post got flagged once and I edited so it’s more respectful but it got flagged again!!!

I hate one person at a time because it’s so exhausting to be angry idk how people do it


well it also depends on how angry you are, as if you are mad enough you can get lost in it per se and nothing else matters


Dude this is basically a copy post of my debate thing

@Slapadabass what do we do in situations like this? Do we link it to the other post or leave it or just close it?

Send a link to the other post then close it

Hmmm now I just need to figure out how to linkit

The second icon on the bottom when you click the three dots, next to the thumbs up sign

I did. it I think on nukes post and I just close it now?


I did. it guys! I’m becoming a better tl4 person :D