Where u play swordbattle?

Where do u play Swordbattle.io ?

you clearly play swordbattle.io on swordbattle.io

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on repl

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lol yea XD

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replit simply redirects

@Sea your wrong let me explain replit is a site where games can be made and play but do you hit your enemies on replit no do you gain xp no do u glitch out side the map their isn’t even a map on replit do u get it now?

but u dont know somth i know :))

tell me

my family had an app that blocked gaming website

so i cant play in sword battle web

is that clear?

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you can have a app that blocks that app u know it works lol

or not use google and use duck duck go to search

cant bro

me too

dose anyone want to play?


Same but replit is an “education” website

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