Which clan should I quit?

  • quit both clans
  • quit both clans and join octopi
  • quit microwave
  • quit fight club
  • join clan killers and quit fight club
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No one cares


Go rouge.

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What if I join all?
Octopi, AH, CK, FC, MV?

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That would be cool i guess?

Quit both clans and join KIRB :smirk:

That is what I want too but I think not only is octopi a very fun clan to be in it also matches tour name very well

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join every clan except for ah

quit all the clans u are in and join octooopiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!

Hmmm I think octopi is winning but Idk yet

Or join _AH _ :wink:

@Frager201 needs more members pls help him out

Thanks a lot :smiley:

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death is the only way out of FC

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