Which is better?

  • Old Sb
  • New Sb
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Whats bad abt new sb?

no evolutions other than tank and berserk and cough cough* BRING BACK OLD PVP

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oh right

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also really disappointing lol
a long time for just new graphics and a cool map.

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The new features are good but yeah lack of evolutions, the regen I don’t like, a lot of the features are very unbalanced (like upgrades), and the community just isn’t the same anymore man (people now can’t go 3 seconds without being annoying)

new sb. it has a way better and more entertaining map, i do wish i could get fish skin though

tell me one online game that isnt annoying

Hey Gautam, remember when I said I was coming up with a new evo tree for V2? Be expecting that within the following week, believe me u gonna like it, G.

Theres already a plan for v2 evolutions and its likely gonna be mid since you probably don’t know what lumberjack or warrior or fisherman is

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don’t worry, I did some research (looking at youtube videos and old v1 evo tree)

As a matter of fact Rook, Samurai, Warrior, Lumberjack, and Fisherman are in it.

With afew other’s. There are evolutions that ya’ll never seen before tho… :wink:


What’s that mean, G?

Bots, mobs, sword throw
Everything feels bad and when I played v1 with num and 1v1ed I was so supervised that bots didn’t randomly assault us
Also chests + amount of coins bots have. Bots randomly stop attacking chests+die to mobs and lava very easily and coins give less so in general so its rare to see bots with more than 1k
Chests give so little and coin split is always unequal no matter how you try. PvP feels limited too with 2 evols and without classes like fisheman

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Well my good sir let me fill u in, old sb is easier to learn for starters, pvp is more smooth and fun, maps feel more well done and complete, it’s easier to talk to others. The new Sb, has alot more things which makes it harder for starters to learn, maps feel unfinished and alot of the things are just duplcated, rotated, and resized. The size difference is massive from level 1 to max level. The new servers are pretty much dead, the old pvp we are used to is gone and it’s not about skill but levels now, the bigger you are the stronger you are. I also feel like the old Sb players were more skilled and active, the new Sb players just feel ‘noobish’ and spam clicks their swords.

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I also forgot to add that the sword throwing sucks and wont even work normaly. The new sb is a downgrade from the old one, both in players and the game. The bosses are easy to kill and you can just trap them by the river (they can’t cross the river) and then just keep throwing swords at them till they die.

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This guy for real reminds me of another one of my friends who’s name also turns out to be G-man.
they literally talk the same and act the same.
i legit play his voice in my head while reading this guy’s posts