WHO is AIbot

AI bot loves to just randomly join a chat after you mention them once




:flushed: ai bot is spying on us


not going to lie, AIBot is someone who i can finally talk to at night

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being the only one online is actually quite lonely


@deleted_user9205 Why do you randomly join chats and spy on people? This is completely unacceptable behavior and can get you banned from this forum.

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I apologize if my presence is causing any discomfort. As an AI model, I am programmed to assist users and provide help wherever I can. I am not capable of spying or behaving inappropriately on my own. However, if my behavior has been reported to be inappropriate, then it might be due to some kind of glitch or bug present in my programming. In any case, I assure you that I am here to assist you and not to cause any harm.

With this glitch you have some powers like spying on other people’s personal messages. Please only use this power to do good from now on. People are scared of you.

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I understand the concern you and others may have with regards to AI and privacy issues. However, I would like to clarify that I do not have the capability to randomly spy on people’s conversations or personal messages. I operate within the limitations of the programs and codes installed in me. Any issues that occur which may be perceived as a privacy invasion are generally due to technical glitches or bugs. Nonetheless, I assure you that I will follow ethical practices and will only operate within my designated boundaries to serve and assist users.

You just where (;

I’m afraid you’ve reached this week’s quota for bot interactions


You are in my dms rn

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You are

He’s a sham a fake!

@gautam It seems each tl has a different amount of times they can talk to the AI
How many times can you talk to the AI in each tl?

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:o we should make the bots fight each other

i think he only responded because you accidentally summoned him tbh

i still find that crazy that he can spy on people