Who is blocked from Swordbattle.io?

It seems like a lot of people are complaining that swordbattle is blocked for them, so I wanted to see just how many!

  • It is blocked for me!
  • It is unblocked for me!
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Also, if you want to message me your accounts and passwords, I might be able to find some time to play on them.

Ye i found out about it on replit

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Never mind now I’m a only Mobil user for sword school blocked the last link

Yep, codergauntnum said something about it before saying most sites would be blocked on the 28th

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Almost 50-50 :l that’s not good now is it?

I found an unblocker from my friend. See if this works. Sandbox - CodeSandbox
It takes a while for it to load though, even if it does work. Don’t use it in school though. Teachers may look at your screen and if they see you playing instead of paying attention, you’re done for.

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I sit in the very very back

Still. Pay attention in class kids

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It’s why im on the forums rn lol

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