Who is in school?

Who is in school?

  • I am
  • I am not
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in my defense i am going to be out soon…

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Am sick


Dang, feel better.

get better i am playing tonight i am counting on you to murder me but get rest and feel beater then go back to math stuff and the grammar language stuff and the boom class stuff with the class that teaches the past


It’s too cold out for us :sunglasses:

lol that was last week for me

that was a month ago for me

I did a bit of school work and already grinded 500k lol


lol nice i havent played in like 5 days :skull:

ii created a new account because i lost my old one

Five weeks for me basically.

We’ve had cold since last monday

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aw man. hope you get better soon.

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No school cuz my school likes canceling random days for no reason.


Yikes, a lot of people are in school!

I’m suppose to be doing school, which means I got distracted every time I am in the forum.

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The majority of people here are only here because of school since they get a device that has restrictions like not being able to download stuff as a result they go on google or doing work on replit and find this game

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