Who is this?

Im wondering what was the user before that

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Bc his account still there

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Thats them?

Your wronf dev3x still top 6


maybe its potato they quit the forums so maybe they quit that too

More prob flare


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lmao i made a topic asking about this before i saw yours a moment after


Yeah crvefy most likely

I think it’s pvp devv.

Why are y’all not having brains, it’s literally potatolord

Potato is overreacting cause no tl3 and now renaming everything to did “goodbye forever” or “idc anymore”

Over a game :man_facepalming:

i knew it im so smart i said it fisrst fish i so big braining

I prob sound rude but Im never gonna give TL3 to potato after the toxicity and drama he caused

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