Who is who?

Some people are other people’s alts, so who exactly is who, who is someone else’s alt?

I don’t have any alts yet

Ill never say

Well who is who and that means that who is who simple don’t forget that is what that is

I have no alts yet, I got no need for them.

im not that famous so i dont have alts

Who would ever make a alt like come on bad time to make alt guys XD

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yea xd

No alts but maybe when i am a lot more popular, ill get one.

I dont have any yet

There coming

Im @MLGKidC54 but i dont use it

I am @********

I also have like 10 alts on swordbattle… forgot most of them though XD

famous topic lol

like somone was going to reveal their alt just like that

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swordbattle pro

Who is who?

im @notreal

what?? oh u mean my title?

Unknown_Entity, Covid, Mason1, ect