Who needs health to win?

I couldnt find that 1v3 win clip but instead I just recorded this…

@Acol I’m coming for you for world #1



Sorry for lag I play on a chromebook


That’s actually insane :open_mouth:

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@ANGEL what do you have to say about this

Nice! I like the clips!
I wish I was recording a few times, but I’ve never caught my stuff on camera.

Do you record every time you play?

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That guy must have felt so awful after that


I make youtube videos I can edit your clips if you have some.


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You know I want to make a youtube channel in the future I just want to upload clips here but if I actually get popular here doing this I might make a yt channel Thanks for asking

I dont used to record but now I do because they’re nice content to post on forum and I dont think anyone did it before.

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No problem.

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Nice. :yawning_face:

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I can’t see any of your videos because they blocked imgur, but nice!

I mean it’s probably a nine year old so they will forget about it in about 2 seconds

ive done that before tho… :((

I need health to win :( but great job!


Sad, anyone know a different website to upload videos and get the link other than youtube

Where can i see your videos?