Who remabers FOOD TRUCK?

  • Yes - i am a older player
  • No - i am new
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saw them sometimes in sb

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Yeah he was fun also pretty good at PvP


nah thats crazy. :skull:

fr i reamber he likes to push acol to conner me

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rip acol

Fr he was great at connering people and then touching them

I can feel his avatars chest as he presses me towards the wall and milking every last drop of my gold

Yep that was his strategy but let’s be honest it works XD

His main attack is “knockback” super is “Wall Press”

Food trucks main attack is “Knock acol” super is “Wall slap”

bro what

Bro if you don’t get it you don’t get it

not rip acol a train acol is not good

Nice that he left, plus now im #2 so like

I’d say i remember two food trucks, one friends with acol, and one who is a bit better as friends

i don’t play much/at all