Who wanna challenge John?

He is the self-proclaimed champion of swordbattle and says that no-one can beat him blah blah blah he is a {UN} faker blah blah blah oh yeah he said he doesn’t like our almighty leader named gautam!

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K no one asked like he runs from me


He can talk when he has (1) next to his name

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I hate you John. you are bad at pvp, and I could beat you in a fair fight when you aren’t spawn killing me and using max speed with beserker

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When does he usually play

He started after I stopped playing the game but I’ll start playing again soon

Ppl that say this usually run from 1v1s and team on you but ok I will kill em if I see em
(Not john titor right?)

real, his main trick is hitting, running when he gets low, then coming back.
most of his kills for me are traps like corners, lava, or bosses.
or he just kills me when I’m tiny

oh nah, how could he say that
he ded now

Yes John titor actually

he normally plays around 5 PST

He is in my time zone so dw I’ll keep him in check

how is he in your time zone? I thought you were british

Searched it up he is actually 1 hour ahead of me ,so I suppose wile it isn’t the same it is still very similar

kick em out of undef

Hes bad rly bad

he has a massive ego and nothing else

why is this the solution?

Because it’s facts.

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