Who would win? Acol or Angel

  • Acol
  • Angel
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lol its scaring me seeing the bar change

u ez

obv angel wins

You made it able to vote multiple times in the poll. I could vote for both Acol and ANGEL


bots can evol again, sigh


yes i saw a:
tank rohan
berserk greg
tank yoshi

bruh i didnt see it
i was on eu server

i was on usa2

no they can’t, if someone evolved, that means they’re real

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HMMMMMMMMM. also r u making the server offline for maintenance

Bro probably people fake botting

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well sometime i don’t evolve which mean… GASP
Am I not real?!


I usually don’t evolve if I like the skin I have on. I just keep it until I need to use the powerup.

I always evolved until i found the bread skin…

me too lol

yoshi is real

ya think?

There needs to be an option to turn on or off skin changing with evolution, and maybe add a different indication, like an icon next to the name.