Who you should vote for in your mod elections?

As an admin, and from my past experience from speaking to and connecting with these people, I can confidently say I believe zarooma is the best candidate for mod on our forums with Hamm shortly behind. Personally I erge you to vote for zarooma even if you voted for hamm, just for the fact that tbh this votes right now is really between zarooma and Shinobislayer.

I think Zarooma offers the most for the forum and I erge for your ballot!


Hmm then good luck to zarooma


Ur not an admin anymire lok

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I love being put as second so much, it’s getting so common too
for reference, school awards are ordered as:
Poetry slam: 3rd
Coding competition: 2nd
Spelling bee (6th): 1st
Spelling bee (7th): 2nd
Spelling bee (8th): 2nd
Spelling bee (9th): 2nd
E-sports championship: 2nd
out of school:
Minecraft build battle: 3rd
Terraria 1 min duels: 1st
Minecraft torunament: 2nd
Roblox dev challenge: 2nd
and finally…
SB mod votes: 2nd


well if you go technical, yes no one is an admin besides coder, but mod is bassically admin role as there is nothing higher



Fish is


Nah you gotta see the poem tho:

Beans with my mac n’ cheese:

I love beans and mac n’ cheese

But what really would make me pleased

When I’m asked for my dinner,

The only true winner,

Are the beans with the mac n’ cheese

I could eat them apart,

But the only true piece of art,

Is when you merge the beans and mac n’ cheese

I went next door,

To see my friend,

Oh, it felt like the end,

When the beans weren’t with the cheese

And with my emotions in a flurry,

I knew I had to hurry,

And show my friend the right way

Because without the mixture,

Of the beans and cheese,

Our friendship will fade away

Bake your beans, Insert the cheese, put in the noodles, and Stir

That is how you make beans and mac n’ cheese

The only thing you need.

Oh, do I love beans and mac n cheese

Mainly the cheese

I don’t care if you’re lactose intolerant

I’ll just force you to ignore it

but what would truly surprise you

about the beans

I don’t actually like them

Please don’t be mean

However, with a bias

Using cheese as gold as Midas.

I will eat the beans without hesitation

And that, my friends, is the end of the presentation

-small pause-

But I lied, there’s more!

Teaching this is becoming a chore

“How do you eat it?”

I hear you say

Well, my friends, this is the way

First, eat half the cheese powder

To get filled with power

Then after the cooking, eat in spoonfuls

Isn’t it beautiful?

Well, the time has flown by

So, for now, bye bye


ngl im starting to feel like hes caping a bit, hes flexing to much.


It’s my first year in competition robotics just hope we make it to state lol


My friend was in a robotics competition once. Didn’t make it though.

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Server is down first and where you the pr

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i’m not I’m just really good
but there’s always a british man ruining my plans

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British? Really? Interesting…

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I’m not even joking
I got beat by a british man named phil in all the spelling bees and in the poem


Off I’m always picked second sense pre school/: like in the games girl vrs boys stuff I was always second in commend them there was the popular kid never new why I got there though really wired

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What is my rateinf mitbald

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At the arkansas comp?

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Nice! mine was in the final 2 on our field at worlds, but we didn’t win the field. We still went to IRI though and were one of the final 4 teams


there is “owner”

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