who's agreeing with this?!?!?!11!

add voice chat to realmz.
it might be annoying but u can private-mute them and get to know whos a kid or not.(i ain’t talking some 4 yrs or Spanish ahh kids.

Just use discord?


no one is agreeing

as cool as this would be, it’s unnecessary, especially with the work the programmers have to do for v3.

i don’t wanna be bullied.

What if, you just be nice and block/report any one that bullies you even after you act nice?

no i was talking abt discord

Yeah, Just be nice!! If they don’t be nice just block/report! It works perfectly with me and I don’t think it’s worth making vc for realmz

but but but what if they are yow fwiend awnd yow no no wanna bwock thwem??

i mean it’s your friend its either playing jokes or seriously being mean, if its the latter than just block

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no one wants to turn this into valorant lol


Yeah, I was joking.

like in my school if i have frickin discord downloaded ppl will say i have no parents no father fat discord mod loser

I doubt most people would really care

  1. Maybe don’t tell them that you have Discord
  2. A lot of them probably have it
  3. Why would you really care what they think?
  4. Discord is better than TikTok and Snappychatty or whatever they have

Guys hes using discord he is a 30 year old discord mod xdddddd

Ik, the way u were talking said it lol

Snappychatty for most people is about taking pictures of walls and celings
Discord for most people is just a place to be in online communities that you’re intrested in

Minion trying to prove he’s not 9