Who's the best forum mod?

i am active

i should right?

I would say, (I’m not making any rules but if I did) you would have to be actuve pretty much every day for a decent amount of time to work, help, and fix bugs problems etc.

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Nvm he was last seen in January what the heck

Would I be a good moderator assuming I do not go off on any more month long breaks?

u only have 1day of reading

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school lol



Angel we kinda dominated that area you more I don’t think that is best measurement

Also @gautam can there be a Helper/mod/admin of the month badge?

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I don’t think this is ment to be new mod post just to see how the community likes the mods

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You want a new badge don’t you XD

ummm maybe

i should be helper

Hey Vul tip don’t ask for it it will just make people aggravated it’s just annoying just prove yourself and it will happen

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ye ik im trolling

Ok /: can you stop so it stays on topic cause other started asking

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ok lol

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I was trying to figure out if I could be a good one not asking to be one. But I am sorry for making it go off topic.

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