Who's the best forum mod?

Just wanted to see, who’s the best mod/staff in the forum?

Pick up to 3.

  • Dev3x
  • DillonB07
  • Ethan
  • Fish
  • HarshitT
  • ManagePasswords/CosmicWarlord
  • Mitblade
  • Codergautam
  • Zarooma
  • Hugo
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Comment who you picked, and why you picked them below!


I chose fish cause duh cosmic cause he handles things well and Hugo cause I don’t know who he is

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i should be next mod

or helper

i pick
1.ANGEL she doesnt abuse her power and give everyone a second chance to redeem themself for example if a person does something that is not forum tos then she would give them another chance. she also stays up late to watch over chat
2. you. Your nice great dev u deal with situations calmly.
3. warlord. Doesnt really ban that much people or abuse his power hes super chill.


Pick fish bc hes fish
Dillon bc hes cool. I mean theres cool and then there is dillon cul
Picked myself bc yes

Who is hugo?


I would go Dillon but he is not active pretty sure he hopes on each day but just to clear ping Hugo is now a meme

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u think i should be the next mod?

A coder who was given admin to install plugins may. Have been put to mod now don’t know

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Yeah who should be next mod?

nice lol

me im the perfect fit

Oh wait there is now a dude Hugo with mod what?

So much for new joke coder explain the new person?

wht abt me:(?

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i should be next mod right?

u need to be more active



Hmmmmm. Sure

Hugo is helper he was invited by coder in may so early fourm I’m not alone in helper group now but I assume some one coder met outside of fourm

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