Who's the best swordbattle.io player?

  • Angel/heaven
  • Loler/clown
  • Comsicwarlord/warlord
  • Acol/bully
  • bread+butter/food
  • AbrahamApaza/idk
  • lil harsh/very harsh
  • Zackerflower/flower
  • WitherKing/King of withers
  • underc0vercvefy/detective
  • ‘KING’/a starter
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I am sorry if your name wasnt in this(i only picked the few i know)

Dev3x your name wasnt in this because i was too lazy, nothing else

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Who chose angel (I support you)

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idk but u know i am underc0vercvefy/DETECTIVE

Thanks for telling me i updated it

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Do you know AbrahamApaza? i dont know him that well

np personal i think angel is best I mean acol is good at grinding but angel would win just after like she dies about 10 times but she’ll win ezly

yea ik him

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Whats he like?

um tbh we teamed before but i was never rlly his fwend and he is kinda meserty to me

its funny how we all picked ourselves Angel picked angel you picked you and i picked me

I am winning:]

Your hacking

well ngl i only did it bec I know I am bad so i didn’t think anyone vote me anyway

no its skillz

wow you didn’t think of your internet mom:(

when someone decided they should grind a lil longer

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dang whose is this?

A god wakeing up from a long slumber


lollololol 7char