Why 1cps combat is superior to click-spamming

so i was on swordbattle.io just now and i saw this random person on who was really small and just click-spamming everyone so they died because their hit cooldown was was larger.

and i know most of you know this, but…to whoever clickspams…don’t. it may be “easier” at the start as opposed to 1cps combat, but it causes you to ruin your sense of timing, and causes you to have less accurate aim.

even though learning to 1cps may seem challenging, all you need is some practice. once you know how to 1cps consistently, you can take on any opponent, regardless on what size you or they are, much easier.

as i said, i know most of you know this, but please, to anyone who does this, please time your hits, 1cps instead! it is much more benificial to both you and the commnity.


if click spamming just annoys everyone then thats what im gonna do

I’m good at timing hits, but sometimes I just clickspam at the start of the run because I’m too lazy to get coins myself

Assuming this is talking about roaching? In that case, when you’re super small, spam clicking’s the best thing to do to max out DPS, using your fast attack speed to your advantage. But the main reason why roaching is so ineffective isn’t because of the spam clicking; rather, it’s because of the size difference/smaller attack range.

Spam clicking is also optimal in other cases, especially while using evolution abilities that rely on high click speed, namely fisherman and knight. But when facing these abilities, you are able to counter them with relative ease so long as you have timed hits.

I wouldn’t say 1cps. I think it would be better to simply say just time your hits. 1cps is implying you should be consistently clicking once every second, which isn’t the best thing to do when fighting.

Disclaimer: Roaching is annoying, I wouldn’t recommend doing it.


I agree with Shadow here, and that it doesn’t matter about cps. Whenever you fight someone they are going to be moving and you are going to be moving, so it wouldn’t be useful to have high cps cause there’s a cooldown anyway, and if you had extremely low cps then you would just lose your chance if there was an opportunity to hit someone. So it isn’t necessarily about having exactly 1 cps, that just depends on the pace of the fight your having if you are both aggressive or defensive.


You aren’t penalized for spamming, but you are penalized for missing. If you want the highest damage, you want to click as fast as your level allows you, while also landing every hit.


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