why do you keep playing swordbattle

why do you keep playing swordbattle?
I want to know what drives user retention in swordbattle


When I first started playing swordbattle, I kept playing for the grind. I don’t think I played a .io game with a leaderboard and rankings that show up right next your username in game, like swordbattle does. I wanted to be one of the top 100 players. I also wanted to get some of the most expensive skins in the game lol. I honestly didn’t think I’d get as far as I am now, having reached top 100 on three separate accounts.

With a relatively small community compared to the large, popular .io games, reaching top 100 is definitely doable. It’s even more doable when you consider how many of the players can be really friendly and supportive. That’s another reason why swordbattle was really fun for me. I met so many players in this tightly knit community, and it’s crazy thinking about how many friends I’ve made here.

I now mostly play swordbattle for the PVP. With the experience I’ve gained from playing, I think I’ve gotten pretty decent at PVP. It’s really thrilling fighting against teamers and winning when all odds are stacked against you.


I haven’t played much Swordbattle before, so it’s more of a new experience to me, but I especially like being able to customize my character, both in how they look and how they play out, with the upgrades being one of my favorite aspects of .io games in general. The bosses are very interesting too, it feels rewarding to defeat one while being risky to do so, and the thing I like the most when I play Swordbattle.io is the community itself, everyone is super nice and friendly, wich I wasn’t really expecting, since pretty much all .io games I’ve played had some sort of toxicity in their communities, and it’s very relieving for this to be an exception.


id assume 90% of the reason is autism and grinding for those really cool loking skins

Well, for V1 I mostly played because the game was fun and I made a few friends. Swordbattle also is a fun pvp game so I liked the idea of hitting people with sharp sticks.
V2 is a bit different. Of course, I play the game for fun. But now, I mostly play to fight people and get leaderboard. I especially like it when half the server is chill with me and the other half wants to kill me.

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I don’t even know why I play swordbattle anymore bruh

At first I only played because I wanted to beat my friends but then I joined the forum and I had way more fun with the small but nice community gautam made. I am pretty sure I got to like #30 and then stopped to play a dif game called battledudes.io but during this summer I decided I didn’t want to suk at the game anymore so I grinded to top 20. Clearing a server even if it is just for a few minutes is super satisfying lol. I just like the simple but rewarding PvP mechanics ig?

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I jus played bc i wanted to be technoblade


I started playing because I loved .io games. But the reason I kept playing is totally different.

I have only 70 hours total in SB, which is less than other, more dedicated players, but in that span of time, I have made countless friendships, defeated innumerable amounts of enemies, and have even won a 1v13 against my IRL friends, who picked up the game around the same time I did (2021).

Here’s something I said all the way back in May:

As one of the oldest players, I have been with SB every single step of the way. I was there for the first spring update, where there were Easter eggs as currency (something like that, I don’t know), and the second one, with the pink grass and multitude of evolutions.

Now the time for a third update is approaching. I know Gautam has a lot planned. The main reason I keep playing this game is my contributions. I can make a difference. I can get ideas, post them, and there is a chance that they will ACTUALLY BE ADDED.

That is not the case of almost any other game out there. Want to refine current game mechanics (check below)? You can do that! Want to make a new evolution? Done (check my featured topic) ! Want to come up with something entirely novel? Heck, even I’ve done that!

My novel idea below

This is why.

This is what keeps me playing.



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download - 2024-03-14T111505.349

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i read like the first two sentences

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Best answer, read every word I like it @_MV_UN_Faraway_Flame


Sense in avoiding ela right now so I’m checking fourm and I am very active right now what drives me is a goal to have set such as getting 1 mil and no other games that I am grinding so then I just repedtly do the same thing over and over and over and over again till it works!

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As for why I started saw it on Replit told a friend and just fought each other on it repeatedly till a came back to it and decided to grind

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I just looking for something to do in SB and I mean anything

a non needed fact

a fact no-one cares about: I looking in other spot too for a mod job but I keep getting question to code and I not looking for that

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Why? because there’s new skins to grind for !!:fire: :fire: (no penguin tho, penguin should be very very expensive)

tbh i didn’t want to play sb until i saw the new skins


Future, the chance of you getting an actually good gameplay mechanics answer is very low. It’s the same as why I played erth.io for years, I just took an interest in it, with the community as well because of the chat feature.

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