Why I think forum is boring

The problem
The forum is dead on Fridays Saturdays and Sundays. Along with this topics have lately been the same thing repeated.

The solution
I would consider deleting games that aren’t updated or are just plain dead since they are basically clutter that brings no real value here. I would also keep the community engaged by having people be active in chat constantly since getting a person go on the forum is easy but keeping them online for a while longer is much harder. You could also try keep topics that are informative to a minimum and have more topics that are interactive like asking a question such as: What are your hobbies? Etc etc


Idk any other ideas if you have some reply

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let people invite or ask people to go on the forum.

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and i not talking about the invite button to have people get new accs i talking about people that are already have acc on forum ask them to go on the forum with a notifcation.

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If your active on forum you get rewards in swordbattle


and what about the other io games forum?

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You could do something like if your active in one category you get rewards for that io game (but you would need to ask the other devs, which is why I mentioned swordbatle since gautam is the owner of this forum)

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Yea, I’m not active on Sunday and Saturday because I have school but I try to be active as possible

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Don’t delete inactive games, just get more. I’ll explain more later since its a topic I’ve been wanting to make for a while but yea deleting them is useless cuz there are still people that are in those communities and/or have spent a lot of time developing those games and getting them on the forum

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Yea but if they aren’t doing anything like being inactive and/or not updating the game then it would make sense


Honestly, for me the appeal has been talking to other people. I kinda see it as a new discord. I hope v2 will revive the forum, though.

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