Why in just 1 day do i have 54 notifacations?

Why… How… And who is doing this…

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why acol used the illgell @all how acol did it who still acol

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Oh, also all the notifications are blank have nothing on them

oooooooooo show me screenie

Are you getting it to?

Okay, i am also on my echo show aleaxa, that might be why :/

all i see is
Screenshot 2022-10-28 7.53.39 PM

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Uh… Lol i assume it is the same for me

o btw how is the skin going

Good, i only worked on it some because of school, but planning to do more

I’m getting also @gautam

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thx bro

hey heres a photo, it is also on my computer :/

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all blank…


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i have 66

oof. I feel bad

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54 is not to bad

Read https://iogames.forum/t/what-happened-to-chat/3056

in 1 hour and 24 mins, yes it is