WHy is this happening?

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Dont listen to that, its old from like January or smth

But it isnt wrong, swordbattle is down right now.

It will take a while to be back, its some cloudflare issue with the server.


welp there goes my grinding time

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plus i think it did not save my 100k coins:|

oof, HOW IS ACOL #1. also, once u get back to 1 angel… (I AM working on my acc btw. ur not alone)

I dunno me and acol take turns lol

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Thanks guys

i meant in between turns


Screenshot 2022-08-23 6.56.16 PM




What? No it is supposed to be there

If i remember you said its an old thing

hmm ok

Sorry if i misunderstood

issue got solved, no latest replies. closing topic.

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