why realmz.io is NOT going on crazygames

  1. game boring cuz no player
  2. client is poopoo
  3. it already rejected 4 times

why has it been getting rjectd

idk i wish i knew

yeah… thats pretty weird. maybe realms v3 will get on gracyzcams (sorry my e key has som problems cus thy kycap fflll off so i have to click hard for it to work

if v3 does not then i will commit crimes

Why don’t you use those people you have in the basement to make it seem like there are more players?

I can turn on my realmz botter to add more players

if not for TA’s art contest that failed horribly i would’ve forgot about realmz already lol


i forgot that u had to feed them

when and where realmz v2? before u do realmz v3

look at changelog

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submit it 4 more times and the fifth time you will get accepted


Shoot i forgor to feed them today too

violence is not the answer

violence is the solution

Please dont hurt me also check ur dms

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show them this

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bro’s a real reamlz fan