Why you should support codergautam

It is a time of chaos on the forum, and I have decided to state why I am supporting codergautam instead of anybody else.

  • Codergautam created swordbattle and is working on making a better one while still keeping up on the forum.

  • Codergautam has access to the place where all the data for swordbattle is.

  • Codergautam has access to aforementioned data and has been nice and not messed with it at all.

  • Codergautam has been taking peoples suggestions and dealing their questions and been nice and courteous always.

  • None of the other candidates have anything permanent and beneficial to the whole community to offer.

  • Codergautam is giving to the whole community a new swordbattle instead of just giving to his followers or not giving.

  • In general Coder is a nice generous person who has a lot of power and is using it for the greater good.

I will accept any and all debate upon these points in the replies. I would request that anyone wishing to debate bring evidence.


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Plus mit is a bad employer

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yea he hires slaves

No hes just bad at being a boss smtimes

Hmm still (:

propaganda (:

also how was this not mentioned in why mit should be ruler?

How was what not mentioned?

I know right!

im not a slave. im a worker. and he suks

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I know your a worker it’s a joke

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sure buddy keep telling yourself that-

We all know its true

Guys, why the heck are you still fighting. CoderGautam won. It’s over. There’s no need to say Mitblade sucks anymore. It’s kinda cringe at this point too. ;/


The war never ends, it started in late 2019 with yt wars, then fortnite, Mc then forums. There isnt a true ending for this war.

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The war has already ended you just dont want to accept defeat…

(maybe not mc/fortnite but thats different story)


Y’all still doing the YT stuff?

sounds like you don’t want to accept defeat there in mc/fortnite…

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