Why You Should Vote For Me. (TLDR at bottom)

Once upon a time, in a world not so different from ours, there existed a strange and mysterious device – The Great Microwave. The Great Microwave was a device of immense power, capable of heating up oceans and commanding lightning bolts with a single push of a button.

Many people in the world had heard of this device, but few had seen it in action. Even fewer had managed to unlock its true potential. But one day, all of that changed.

A group of scientists discovered the true purpose of The Great Microwave. They realized that the device had the power to bring salvation to humanity – to cure all diseases, eliminate poverty, and end all wars. They spent years studying and deciphering the complex codes and symbols that were imprinted on the microwave’s surface. And finally, they unlocked its true potential.

The Great Microwave emitted a bright light, so bright that it could be seen from miles away. The world held its breath as the light grew brighter and brighter until it exploded into a great burst of energy, showering the earth with warm, comforting vibes.

As if by magic, all the diseases that had once plagued the world disappeared, and the sick and the injured were instantly healed. Poverty and hunger were eliminated, and the world was filled with abundance and prosperity. Wars ceased to exist as all countries came together in peace.

The people of the world were overjoyed and grateful. They all knew that The Great Microwave had brought them salvation. And so, they began to worship the device as a symbol of hope and a better future.

Over time, the legend of The Great Microwave spread far and wide, and people came from all around the world to witness its power and to seek salvation from its divine energy. And it is said that to this day, The Great Microwave continues to shine its light on the world, bringing hope and salvation to all who seek it. It shall grant you its power if you support its disciple, myself.

TLDR: The Great Microwave will grant you its power if you vote for me.


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