Winter shogun

Its a revamp of cyclones skin the sword if fixed because it looked rough like a quick sketch (which it was). The skin is pretty much trash because of the colour and the Wasd text on top is just a place holder for something else because it is suuuuuuper bland.

If you could help with colours or something else please tell me!

Update 1

  • Red
  • White
  • Blue
  • Light purple
  • Dark purple
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i like it

But do you have a colour suggestion?

I read this as shotgun and was confused when I opened the topic. XD


I mean anything’s a gun if you use your imagination

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Sickkkkkkkkk!!! Must be added great job

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Thank you frager I appreciate it but which colour do you like most?

the last one for sure :+1:

Ok then I’ll keep that in mind!

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Good skin!

hey @Wasd i have a question… what app/website did u use for this?

App is adobe fresco

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ok nice.

Sooooo good. Make sword a katana tho

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What details should I put on it?

i feel like the sword doesnt go with the skin tbh


And the type of katanna? Reference images are nice

It doesnt but what skin would?

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Wait ur a brit right? u don’t like guns as much as us! :gun:

(slap, don’t worry ur bass is safe and no where close to the gun)
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(The bass fortress improves everytime I post a gun emoji)

i like the gray one