Wirey pipe skin

Screenshot 2022-10-31 10.15.01 AM


what is that?

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The name
“Wirey pipe”
For the description
“A wirey little guy”

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actually pretty cool, can you make it a little more inside the lines?

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yea I made it like that because wires are never a clean line but sure I will do it

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just on the skin, not the sword

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Screenshot 2022-10-31 10.22.12 AM

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There we go

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Am I asking too much or too little for the skin? If any I am could you please tell me?

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looks good!

Thank you so much!

I like that @gautam add it.

Thank you!

Bro @ManagePasswords add it

It doesnt look very professional just a bunch of lines


maybe more curved lines?

ok Ill try

Screenshot 2022-10-31 4.01.00 PM

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That looks pretty cool.

it looks good either way