Wolf skin (not copyright I apologize for last time I’m sorry 😢)

Ok once again don’t have a sword (I’m bad at making them)
Ok this is not good I’m sorry but there are three options (sizes need fixed)

Which Wolf?
  • Fist Wolf
  • Second Wolf
  • Third Wolf
  • Fourth Wolf
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Name: Wolf
Desc. Awoooooo
Price: 700k (up to you guys)


um this can be improved…

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drawing it natrually feels good for the soul but improvement might be possible?

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It’s not copyright.
Its sorta good.

Fist wolf gang :wolf::facepunch:

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Why must it be happy? Make it growling

its better then this that i made (also with no sword)
Screenshot 2023-04-10 9.36.09 PM

(i make minecraft skins not swordbattle.io skins)

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Nice! Can you show me a few skins you’ve made?

ok sure

iv only made like 3 tho

i will show 1 of them

this is my main skin that only i have the file to and only i use

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thats good

btw million jelly i think the skin pretty good

the wolves

1= dar har har
2= ah heh heh
3= sea shanty
4= im not mad im dissapointed

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2 is more like rehehehehe

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