wut io gam shod i mak

Hi all wut io gam should I make I wan make io gam but I do not no wut gam to make

I kno how code in Java scrip Java c c plus pus and nod js an also also htlm css and and and and also also a python

Alos if help me u Wan to pls let me no


Make bladebattle.io its genius

i sed i am mak it

eye hav herd dat a bython is good codeing langage

Creaet domainz io

Yea good for coding ai stuff(not going into detail) and a simple language, but isn’t used tht muck in making video games


Make me a bladebatle.io admin

Tbh I dont even think replit was made for making video games.

Replit? Idk

when u even2uale gets idah 4 gam, add AI featrues 2 it