XP levels

Can you make it so that the more xp you have the higher your xp level?

I was also thinking the more higher xp level you have, you can unlock skin classes.
That is, right now we just have general skins in the store without any basic theme. But if you were xp level 2 or smtn, then you can unlock the superhero skin class and you can buy superhero skins like thor and captain America and iron man skins.

Ideas for skin classes:

warriors(Ninja, zombie, scythe, etc.)
dedication(Angel, Manage, bread-, cg, mitbald, etc.)
seasons(spring, winter, summer, etc.)
superhero(captain ameica, thor, iron man, etc.)
general(vortex, hacker, neon, devil, etc. )

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@gautam do you have a place where you store all the ideas that people give you that you plan to implement? Or do you pin the post? Or do you jus ttry to remember where the idea was? Or do you just remember all the ideas itself? For some reason I think you’re going to be annoyed for me making so many posts, asking too many questions, and giving too many ideas.

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Very creative classes manage

THx person who wont play on our acc :((((((((((((. Also cg wont respsond to me anymore lol

Well i have this google doc where I put ideas in order that I get them but

To be honest I rarely check it

I just do the ideas that I like most first

wht do you think abt my idea?
also, r u annoyed?

not annoyed and i guess it’s good

when is the next upfate coming(roughly), and what will it include. Also, will u add this to the game in the future maybe?

i like it very creative!

I stipp really like this odea

same besides that superhero could be copy right

This is a cool idea!

@gautam abandoned it

It should have been added.