You need better filter because meany

Thr ar lot of bad an meen namees on te gam so u shuld ad a filtr to stop itt i keep seee ons wit bypas an sexua contnt


kil al meanes

Ys u suld tey meenie

Translation with correct grammar for people who can’t read that lol


There are a lot of bad and mean names in the game so you should add a filter to stop it. I keep on seeing ones which bypass it and sexual content.



i hat meanes

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yes tey meen

you cant even spell and tbh you biggest je rk here

It’s a joke?

your the joke

You spelled jerk wrong while criticizing me about spelling :skull:

I said your a joke JOKE J O K E

Bro you watch anime shut the hell up you probably own a body pillow oh senpai did I shift my sleeping position

Ha i am that body pillow

Cringy as hell bro :skull: