Your average day of at school (my side)

we all know i didnt play at school (just a head sup)

Your average day of at school (@Victor.XenVixOwner’s side)

So just like @twofoursixeight said we were both just grinding our own places and then we bump into each other (we obviously hit each other the second we saw each other lol) then we talked then planned to Rule The World, so we both grinded our way to the leaderboard, after that, they were a BUNCH of random players (he’s classmates a assume) they fly towards as and were attacking, then Coding Nerd appeared, obviously I killed him a few times (cuze he tiny and weak) then he wasn’t attacking as much because we was gaining strength(coins) then I was busy dying and coming back LIKE A PRO :sunglasses: we were probably playing for over 20 to 30 minutes, as I was saying players started teaming on us there were a few you wanted to team with us that we allowed for a few minutes, I run away for health because I didn’t want to loose all 44K of my coins :skull: leaving @twofoursixeight behind then I gained my health back and grinded some coins and went back (I was surprised @twofoursixeight wasn’t died yet) then we both went back to fight them (some guy come up to e and say "DADDY :weary: " :skull:. I killed that guy

Then we tried to fight but lost multiple times maybe I lost multiple times but yeah…we tried


Too bad I wasn’t there otherwise you would have died a lot more

bruh I thought you turned into a nice frog

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Hey man, it’s just a little friendly competition in a video game! Nothing wrong with that :slight_smile:


look at the 5 Teamers i just bumbed into

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nah bro teamers are getting insane 7 teamers


I was talking to Killer, but sorry that happened to you :frowning:

i just joined back in and there are still teaming

anyways imma stop for now because its impossible to play a game with over 5 teamers

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so many teamers bro
the server reset and these 2 joined and team killed me worst part I will winning then the other one ran away then I was winning against the other one then he ran away then the other one came I was just losing health then the both attacked