youtube problems...solved!! (2nd video??)

so a while ago, i had made a youtube channel…the only reason it took me so long to get a public video in was because i had some technical issues…

and my recent video,

was only published with shadowblade’s help. but now i can publish my own videos myself…meaning more uploads, even when shadow is gone for some reason.

(with that being said, my second video released just now! it shows an fps-boosting config that can boost up to 30 fps!! check it out here:)

(also, i have started making thumbnails now, so be sure to check them out!)

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Finished my hw :crazy_face: ima try that now

i get about 60 to 70 FPS (Mainly Cuz of The NVIDIA Graphics Card) but on my Chromebook I get like 40 to Capped 60 So amma try this to be stuck at 60 maybe

nice! yeah in my experience it helps a lot!

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