A Newbie's Grinding Guide

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Credit and inspiration goes to @Shadowblade for making “A Newbie’s Forum Guide”
Game etiquette
Although there are no rules (other than things like exploiting the chat to harass and be disrespect others and use hacks such as botting) in the game, avoiding being toxic. Try to avoid things like spawn camping as there is no good reason to farm kills in this game.
Added to this, as a grinder, being overly aggressive may cause you to get teamed on and make it more difficult to grind efficently and have friends to help you grind.

Basic Information
There are two main techiniques people use. Long runs and Cycling.
Generally cycling is a more effective way of grinding. So what is a long run and what is cycling?

Long Runs
This is when you try to get as many coins as possible without dying. Focusing on getting the bosses and big chests.

Cycling is when kill yourself (or a friend to kill you) when you reach a certain amount of coins. People used to be able to pick up their own coins but it was unfortunately patched in the 1/31 release. Now you must have a friend or have a alt account to kill you.

How much is Cycling efficent?
There’s not much research on this so feel free to submit your own data!!

Looking at Shadowblade’s results we can see that cycling is much more efficent and like he said these differences build up.

We can see this as mainly long-run grinders like Angel and Battleship’s xp per hour is only around 8000 meanwhile cycle grinders like Acol, Coolguy53 and Wasd is 11,000~13,000.

Having friends to help you grind is vital for a newbie to grind efficently. I would recommend only having 1 friend or devoted friends that don’t care about the coins they get and only care about you.

Playing sporadically
Only playing every hour or two helps with letting players grow and bosses spawn. As most new players don’t challenge the boss- they are usually left untouched. Combining this with cycling in the end of your play may limit play-time while having a high xp per day.

Playing when the game is active
Playing while the game is active with 10+ players allows you to constantly farm kills. The only downside is that it’s too risky to cycle grind.

What is the best time to start cycling?
Seeing the coin drop equation :
We can see that the more coins a player has the less efficient the coin drop is. At around 25k, the efficiency drops drastically.

60k 40k 20k
1 31k 26k 16k
2 22k 20k 12k
3 17k 16k 9.6k
4 13k 12k 7.6k
Total: 143k 113k 65.2k

One cycle takes around 1 minute so in total cycling 4 times takes around 4 minutes. grinding 10k takes on average 3~5 minutes in a less-active server with no bosses or big players so going off this. Cycling to 60k takes 30 minutes, 40k takes 20 minutes and 20k takes 10 minutes.
Going off this information:

60k 40k 20k
Coins per hour 245,142 271,200 260,800

This shows that cycling between 40k and 20k is the most efficient.
Can someone smart make something that shows the best coin to start cycling in a graph or something?

Feel free to suggest techniques and things that I missed!!

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