A True Realmz.io Top 10 Tierlist

overview & methodology → played all of these dudes almost extensively (remember, i never use my gamename n i fake + use rando physics names) n here’s my realmz.io top 10. i rank these players by the their skill of one weapon, proficiency of many types of weapons, and how difficult they are to beat in 1v1s. unlike many other tierlists out there, this one is completely unbiased.

1. 7clappz (9.8/10) → best player in the game by far… almost unbeatable at times and I believe he’s the 2nd best player in erth.io/realmz.io history bc of his pure dominance. he (+ FuturePear) is the only player i have very hard times competiting against.

2. FuturePear (9.4/10) → best mouse player in the game by a far margin; not the same for melee. when in his prime, he would be a 9.8/10 (similar to 7clappz) due to his sheer influence/power in erth.io.

3. Crab Cakes (9.3/10) → played him like 5 times; hard to beat him when he’s using melee. in his prime, he would be a 9.6 - 9.7.

4. Lazorbak (9.2/10) → very strong melee player, but he’s good at only a few weapons. however, is one of the best in all classes related to the paladin and is solid at sniper/dragoon.

5/6. Army (9.1/10) → similar situation as Lazorbak, except good at fewer weapons than him.

5/6. Shrek (9.1/10) → same as Army; however, when he was in his prime, he was a 9.9/10 (i.e. the best player to ever take reign of erth.io/realmz.io).

7/8. Prookl (9.0/10) → very good melee/ranged player (used to take reign of best ranged player) but hasn’t played in a while, would be a 9.4 - 9.5 if still playing.

7/8. Yeetus Feetus (9.0/10) → very good player when teamed up against other DN members, however, he is good at very few classes (i.e. paladin/champion + few others) and can be vulnerable in 1v1s.

9. Anonymous/Imposter (8.7/10) → very solid in a diverse range of classes, but just because he doesn’t have one spike in a weapon, i’ll rank him 9th place bc of this.

10. Rker (8.6/10) → very good in a very small range of classes, but he really spiked in champ/paladin. If still playing, maybe 8.9/10.

Honourable Mentions → Dabz (8.5/10), Lava (8.4/10), Elemental (8.3/10), Jakarius (8.0/10), TryAgain (7.8/10)

notes → i’m not ranking myself bc i don’t want to have any bias in ts list, but lmk where i’d rank if i was placed in the comments :point_down:

further → should i make a legacy realmz.io tierlist based upon dominance? should i also make a all-time combined erth.io/realmz.io tierlist based upon dominance? lmk.


Curses I am left out again

ur a hm which is still impressive

What does hm stand for

honorable mention


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I really liked how you put down your reasons on why they made it on the list. Compared to other tier lists they feel a lot more bland but this one is more interesting!

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were is clapz :(

idk where is he?

Dunno man I guess we gotta ask someone who knows him better ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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who is this peculiar 7clappz figure :thinking:

Indeed it appears that he has managed to evade us for such a long time I wonder how…

can i be on ive beaten try again mutiple times :skull:

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i should be up there prob 9th or 10th. >:c

you shouldn’t even be an honorable mention you’re like a dishonorable mention

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