Aaa help with tps

Lately my tps has been suffering and today i wasnt able to go into eu.
What to do?

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pretty sure its happening to everyone rn, prob some issue with server, just gotta wait till he fixes.


Ya thts wht i think too
Tps is bc server not comp

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TPS is the server, the eu server is kinda weak in my opinion. I suggest doing what I said in my tutorial to go to different servers because eu is usually like this click here


the tps is 31 rn for eu though which is good

Thx ik. I switched to both usas but tps was still around twenty.
This can be more problematic for less skilled people as throwing swords doesnt go full range and glitches back. Im able to handle and fight but…

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I cudnt log on lol

yeah ever since swordbattle blew up again it has been bad, but swordbattle 2.0 should fix tps and fps


Btw this is happening on my school chromebook and home chromebook. (Tps not eu)

I have had this problem to on all of the servers I win a battle just to get the you got disconnected

Alr i thot it was just fps

I dont get disconnected anymore

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Yea I think I get that more cause I’m on my phone

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just play during the night or evening time when it’s more quiet,

more people = less tps

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do you mean less people = less tps

No, more people = less tps

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oh wait im thinking this backwards ignore me :person_facepalming:

Yeye ik lol

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