(added!) stable hitboxes

so a while ago i made a post suggesting that v1 hitboxes should be reworked.

and now that v2 has come out…it seems that i have gotten my request.

because throughout my playtime in v2, i’ve thrown quite a lot of swords to test this and not one has glitched through the hitbox of a bot/player.

i think that the hitboxes are much more stable and reliable now…

and i have a theory on why this is. (dont judge if its obv wrong im not good at theories (see: why im bad at science))

see, some time ago, shortly after v2 released, i’d remarked on a possible strategy to throw your sword against a rock from the side to throw at an angle.

in the comments, someone commented that the reason for that was because swords were changed to now be considered as objects. (edit: it was @Shadowblade, thanks!)

so maybe the sword as an object helped the hitboxes of players/bots be able to tell more clearly/accurately when a sword does or does not hit the hitbox.

what do you guys think? have you had any issues with the hitboxes?


Mistik gave gautam a tool that he can use to make hitboxes easily

nice, that must be why

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