Hey guys,

I just released my new WIP game

Its an autobattle game, inspired by games like backpack battles, autochess or TFT. I would love to get some feedback from you guys.


O my gawd this looks awsome does it have mobile support?

damn that good

Aw rip no mobile support but I love the blend of 3D and 2D!

@gautam is going to like this

Nice, gautam should add this to the forum.

no mobile support yet. But will definetly add.

This is proof that some games are insanely underrated

can i 1v1 my friend in this game? i love it

@gautam take a look at this

not yet, but i play to add a mode for that. Currently you are matched against random opponents (using skill based matchmaking).

game is really really fun



something i dont like is how much of the game is just luck-based though

  1. if you press rightarrow, game runs at 2x speed

@Acol acol is hacking again

This is actually such a high quality game. Wow.

Amazing game.