Beserker or Tank?

Pros- You are bigger than beserker
Ability: Re gain health in about 5 seconds and become big in the map and can hit players for more damage
Cons- lil people can attack you easily, tanks can avoid this by throwing your sword at the lil person(if u dont know), Speed is slower than a berserker

Pros- You can hit lil people if they attack u easily
Ability: Speed is changed(faster), hit damage is more so you can easily finish people
Cons- You can’t re gain health in 5 seconds, other people can finish you easily than a tank.

Tank or Berserker?

  • Tank
  • Berserker
  • Both
  • Hmm thats tough/idk
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Me personally i prefer tank idk about ya’ll

for me it depends on situation

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i am always a tank, (only berserker when farming)


I dont’t like being slow and for that reason alone I would choose berserker but also its ez to kill other berserkers. Not so great at tanks though but it makes it more impressive when you can stilll kill tanks with berserker


ye. perfectly put

tankserkerightpire best of them all

lol agreed all of them together

lets go it got bumped

Always Tank > Warrior :heart:

i like rook better because the sword has a bigger hurtbox/hitbox idk which one it is and i want to sound smart

Yup, that’s how I do it as well.

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gautam, u shud unnerf berserker and keep it like old…



hopefully it would make tank and berserker equal

this is even more balanced now, the only drawback of tank is that it’s slow, but a good berserker can pretty much obliterate a tank of similar skill level if they feint + combo

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