Ye fr

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Its not that hard to get.

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Well I mean I’m pretty sure gautam added a hundred after top 3 soooo there’s 103 spots idk why but I guess it could be a fun fact?


Yeah I noticed that to

if you don’t have a life it’s not hard

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Honestly an hour a day is enough to get #100-#50 without issue

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I guess but I rather do other things

This should be added for v2.

Here’s an alternate suggestion that I posted months ago


You should be able to click see more after 100 and that will pop up every 100

bro at this point I don;t play SB it is to addictive and painful to play

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I try to focus on the real important stuff like family friends and enjoying what I have not what I want

no, that makes no sense.

bruh i have 90 hours and im not even on

You be like:

And then you get cocky:

Then you get weaker:

That was like 4 months ago…

imagine you just got top spending 60 hours of your life grinding just to join a game seeing an upd log saying “grew LB to 300 players instead of 100” and now virtually anyone with semi devolped frontal lobe and the mental capacity of a mouse gets that sweet sweet sweet [#___] next to their name that you grinding countless nights for sucks doesnt it
tldr: this is stupid