V2 Suggestion: Prestige?

This is an idea that I’ve had for a few days, and I would like to hear your thoughts and suggestions for improvement before I post it in Manage’s V2 Idea Dump.

What is Prestige?

In addition to having a leaderboard rank while you’re in-game, your “Prestige” rank would also be displayed by a small icon next to your username. Prestige would have different ranks, from Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, …, all the way to Legend (which is the maximum prestige rank).

How is Prestige Earned?

The idea that I had in mind was that players would be awarded Prestige points depending on their rank on the daily leaderboard, which resets every 24 hours, meaning every day would be a new opportunity for players to earn prestige points. I know that this may make the game even more centered around grinding (which is probably a bad thing), which is why I’ve listed possible, alternative ways for earning Prestige below:

  • Completing quests/challenges (something that’s already going to be added in V2?)
  • Winning 1v1s if a 1v1 gamemode is added in V2?
  • Feel free to add your own ideas

Possible Benefits of Prestige

  • It can give players a sense of progression, especially for players who aren’t in the top 100 and can’t see their rank in game.
  • An additional ranking for players to flex.
  • New players can stand out with a high prestige level, which may be easier to obtain than a spot on the top 100?

Since there are clans possibly then there can be prestige rank for clans which can be earned by competing in clan games(IDK what this is yet but probably challenges or quests completed by clan members)

Great Idea
I give it :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:


Hmmm maybe prestige could be earned by getting a certain amount of XP or skins and then having the ability to prestige while this would wipe your skins it would give a benefit like

Bronze 1.2x gold

Silver 1.4x gold

Gold 1.6x gold

Diamond 1.8x gold

Platinum 2x gold

This wouldn’t affect XP gain just gold for skins but it could give a smol bonus but if there needs to be more incentive it could have this

Bronze 1.1x XP

Silver 1.2x XP

Gold 1.3x XP

Diamond 1.4x XP

Platinum 1.5x XP

This could be on top of the gold bonus or just be the same as the gold bonus


I actually really like this idea. Prestige would probably be better as a clan feature instead of individual players.

It’s an interesting concept, but I don’t think Prestige should have any effect on player progression. The idea that I had in mind was that it would be a ranking/indicator of progression that can be displayed for any player, especially those without a spot on the top 100.

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great idea, but kinda gives the newer players a disadvantage


I mean skins don’t give an advantage I think so it should be fine

Also how how would it be displayed? A coloured name? Or a symbol?

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I think a symbol would be better, probably less confusing than colored names. Red names (like Coder’s) should stand out, so I think there shouldn’t be anymore name colors, but that’s up to Coder.

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You can get sword camos maybe?


Gautam has a choice make the game like taming.io where longer players get advantage or deip.io where the advantage comes from skill
Personally I like the idea of more xp gain (or gems? Idk didn’t read gem thing) bc it doesn’t give a difference in-game

If it is possible I would like a mixture diep.io is dead and is quite hard to have fun in as it is a graveyard full of only OG pros at this point

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Hey don’t say that, you hurt my feelings :cry:.
Penguin looks sad because diep.io is her favorite game and she’s bad at it

I used to play it but the lack of updates made me very bored I want more evolutions :( and I’m also quite bad at it so I used a glass cannon build on streamliner




I don’t do glass cannons and instead do overlord in 4tdm to be thee cool kid :sunglasses:

I was only a mobile player so I only got a few modes overlord was fun but I like th brrrrrrt gun of streamliner and also triangle going zooooom and the booosh

I love how this has now turned into a discussion about diep.io :skull:

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Ahh sorry I got carried away there

No worries!

Ideally, I would like all players to have a chance at earning prestige, since the main point of it is to have a ranking/indication of progress for the newer players. I’m hoping that a feature like this could encourage people to grind and play more often. But it would be nice to have a way for players to earn prestige from both skill and dedication, but without needing to put a lot of hours into grinding.

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I can see where this is going but an alltime prestige seems cooler. Resets per day is just tiring and not worth it