Boss Battle REVAMPED started as a simple game. With a swing of a sword, you could dethrone kings, giants, set at the very top of the steep leaderboard. Back in those days, opponents would team up to defeat the one at the top (And it was very easy, because roaching was OP back then. Believe me, I was there). Then, more and more updates started coming, and the land of Swordbattle flourished. But soon, a problem arose. The content drought. This started when V2 was announced, and every new update idea from then on was dismissed, as “we’ll probably add that in V2”. V2 never came. The community is suffering more and more as all of the legends leave, and the game is starting to die. Personally, I would like a high-quality V2, but the community needs something to keep themselves occupied before it comes. Introducing… THE BOSS BATTLE SERVER! (base idea from someone else, stats done by me)

The Player:

5 players per server

Can choose from 3 different classes from spawn: Throwing Dagger, Claymore, and Rapier.

All players spawn and stay at level 25.

The Throwing Dagger class does the same amount of damage throwing their sword as a standard swing. They also move 25% faster than default. Their throw cooldown is also reduced by 30%. However, their standard swing only does 50% of the regular damage.

On the flip side, the Claymore class cannot throw their sword. However, they do 2x the regular swing damage and have 30% more health and size. They also move 25% slower than default.

The last class, the Rapier class, is all about speed. They have a 0.2 sec hit cooldown, and the move 50% faster than default. They only have 50% of the regular damage, though. They also only have 75% of the default health.

No Evos (for balancing purposes)

Every 10 boss tokens, the player receives upgrades to health, size, damage, and walk speed, capping at a 50% increase to all stats at 100 boss tokens.

Base Boss stats:

500% more starting health than a level 30 player

The size of a level 30 rook using their ability

Drops 50 boss tokens (i’ll get to this later)

10% of warrior ability regen

Boss 1: Spider Queen

0.2 smaller than base

Constant regen

Has 4 types of minions, each pair does something different.

Spider 1- Poison Green: Stuns you (you cannot move) for 3 sec on contact. Each minion has the health of a level 7 player. Does not do damage. 15 sec hit cooldown.

Spider 2- Purple: Does measly damage with a 10 sec hit cooldown. Has 5x the knockback of a level 10 player. Stays very close to the Spider Queen, and will target the closest person to the Spider Queen.

Spider 3- Red: Does the same amount of damage that a level 20 berserker would with a 2 sec hit cooldown.

Spider 4- Blue: A level 10 bot that can actually throw a sword. However, it can’t attack.

The concept of the Spider Queen is a boss that requires lots of strategy to slay. Every 15 seconds, she spawns a new Spider Minion with a random type. For every player in the server, the minion cap increases by 5. The Spider Queen requires strategy to defeat, and the swarm of her minions certainly isn’t helping.

Boss 2: The Titan

10% more health than base

Does the damage and KB of a level 30 warrior using their ability with a 1 second hit cooldown

0.5 bigger than base

Can throw homing, destroyable sword with 30 sec cooldown (The Titan gets their sword back after 5 seconds). It takes 2 throws/4 hits to destroy with Throwing Dagger, can be one shot with Claymore, and takes 4 hits with Rapier. The homing sword does the same amount of damage as The Titan’s standard swing does.

The Titan is shown to be a strong boss, specializing in close combat. However, The Titan does have range, and their homing sword can be dispatched every 30 seconds. If it isn’t destroyed by then, the players fighting The Titan can easily be overwhelmed by the multitude of swords flying at them. And if you get cornered by The Titan, you are as good as dead.

More bosses coming soon! And if you want this to be added, consider entering the skin contest. If we get skins for the bosses, it will be easier to convince @ManagePasswords and @gautam to add this. Also, please suggest any and all boss ideas you have. CYA!


wait so there are no enemies? Whats the fun in that? I thought the boss was like an npc u could stab for coins

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It’s like a server where all the players team up to defeat the boss (It’s supposed to kinda be like siege)

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I’m definitely going to make a skin for one of the bosses, even if it doesn’t get in.

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lets go! if you actually do then you are a legend

I don’t know about this one guys, just sounds like a different game at this point :confused:

fair. but different modes have always been something the community has wanted.

Also, coder would have to buy seperate dedicated servers, which would be very expensive, and the mode wouldn’t be a guranteed hit with the existing community


Idk when I’m going to get it done, probably this week or next.

wait isn’t coder already buying more servers? we could use one of those, right? honestly idk how server hosting works, so yeah. i’m not banking on this getting in tho. i just wanted to share it with everyone.

We get like 20-5 people concurrent if were lucky online from all servers. The community isn’t big enough for this.


Ill add smtn to this post latertht will make it better

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And yes make skins for it


THIS WOULD BE AWESOME but then Coder isn’t working on V2… So if someone else wanted to do it?


for rapier?

the word vamp without me!? tsk tsk

In the words of Alexa, “I’m sorry, I didn’t understand. Could you rephrase that?”

reVAMPed vamp witout my permission

Could I have your permission oh great lord of the vampires strongest demon in heck?