Chicken Skin!

A chicken skin, just a funny suggestion.
Pricing: 10,000 Coins
Angry Chicken (
Chicken Sword (


looks fireeeeeeee

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@gautam This is my first skin so I’m sorry if it’s lower effort than most but I’ll try to get better at making skins.


now im hungry

Web development and developing isn’t my job ask codergautam for that

Add in post skins topic

No it looks good!

I added it there.

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How do you add it there cuz I added a new skin idea and Cosmic keeps telling me to add it there but I’m not sure how.

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There is a topic called post skins here. Add the skins in tht

Its been added tho

Oh thanks!

Next time you can just post it here, instead of creating a new topic.

We can automatically create the topic for u:

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Plague docter skin Sketchpad - Draw, Create, Share!

i cant see your skin can you download it from sketch pad or take screen shot

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also post it in Post your skins here!

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