Clan Tierlisting

S tier (God)

DN - By far the most powerful clan, almost all of the members are S tier. Led by Dormenthesian.

A tier (Good)

1MP (somewhat dead) - Led by 1MP0$TER aka Anonymous. One of those clans where you must prove yourself worthy.

B tier (Decent)

RKER (dead) - Clan made by RKER+. Not the same as SK. After giving up on SK, RKER+ created a new clan which people had to tryout for. All of the members were required to have RKER in their name (RKER-, RKER+, RKER=, etc.)

RDC - Clan made by Deer. Has decent members but barely any people.

UM/EM/GM/LM/GOM (dead) - Led by Mafia. Had a few actually good members, but a lot of the members were bad. Only clan to have ranks, where each rank up represents more trust and more skill. Unfortunately, Mafia left over the summer to get milk and never came back to realmz.

KM (dead) - Group of very annoying NPC kids who were ok at the game. Not much is known since the clan was only around for about a month

PD/Orion (died not long ago) - Led by Polar Drac. Gained a lot of members late in 2023. Changed its name to Orion since people thought PD stood for police department.

C tier (Mid)

OBS - Led by Hitman/ObsydianBlade. Has a lot of people but most of them are mid.

AA (dead) - Created by me. Didn’t have many members (most of them stopped playing), causing the clan to fall apart.

SK (very, very ancient clan that died a long time ago) - Created by RKER+. RKER+ eventually sold the clan to someone named SK Leader, but eventually stole it back from him, causing SK Leader to quit the game.

TA (dead) - Led by Mawf. Rivaled the DA clan for a while.

DF (dead) - Clan made by Dartfrog. Existed for a month before Dartfrog left.

D tier (Bad)

DA (dead) - Clan made by Darklord. Had almost no members.

PK (as ancient as SK) - Gab S’s clan. Not much to say.

CAT (died long ago) - Furry clan. Pretty much the same as PK.

CT (dead) - Really weird clan. Had 2 Bob’s who kept on killing each other.

Every AidenW Clan (dead) - Includes SDD, AUM, SA, etc. In total failure clans.

F tier (trash)

KG - Group of kids who simp for whoever is the king.

Agent - Has decent amount of members but they’re all trash.

GR - Furry clan. Absolute noob clan. Most of them are from the same school.

JA - Nazi clan. Same as GR.

G tier (racist)

KKK - Led by Loco. Group of racist noobs who got abused by devs for extreme racism. One of them even got chatbanned.



wheres HG (hacker guild)?


AidenW STD clan was fire

whoops! I mean SDD*

realmz not swordbattle

…How did u even remember all these clans

One of the hackers pulled me into a spike till i died

i dont think they are hacking i think they are just admins tbh

Isn’t naming a clan after yourself a bit cocky?


naaa bro forgot R clan

Wow hackers arent supposed to do that

1mp is pretty much completely dead lol I don’t even play in it anymore, I kinda wanna know what happened to mafia although I kinda know, also the sk leader guy still exists and still plays recently he talked to me when I was using my imposter name and he still uses devil skin and the KG clan is more like a cult lol there’s a bunch of members that don’t talk do they even still play

You forgot about DR.

Update: I added realmz’s most racist clan and a G tier

@Saw_alt bruh u forgot my clan thunder led by me, User_Anony

Yay go DN!